Gay For Johnny Depp - Blood: The Natural Lubricant 10'' MOSH009


The 9th release on Moshtache Records

Oh, the Horror of it all.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Comrades and Compatriots - the Gay For Johnny Depp are pleased as punch to announce the reissue of their beloved EP - Blood: The Natural Lubricant (an Apocalyptic Adventure Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah)

Available for the very first time ever on cool cool vinyl, after being out of press and unavailable for several years.

Prepare yourselves as they whip out their 10'' and beat you into a frenzy with it's two limited variants.

'Blood' Red limited to 100 copies and 'Cumsplatter' White limited to 200.

With all new meticulously extended linear notes and song by song (aka blow by blow) recording comments from your favorite well dressed boi, Sid Jagger.

Available on pre-order, only through Moshtache Records, on everyones favourite holiday- The Fourth of July- forever to be know as 'Independene Gay' from this day forward."

Get Happy, Very.


  • Blood Red 10'' vinyl - 22% in stock
  • Cumsplatter White 10'' vinyl - 94% in stock